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Grant Funded Segregation and race based pay (b) Teacher mentoring programs must be included in or aligned with districts' teacher evaluation and peer review processes under sections 122A.40, subdivision 8, and 122A.41, subdivision 5. A district may use staff development revenue under section 122A.61, special grant programs established by the legislature, or another funding source to …


Equity Surveys

These are the surveys and documents that went into recreating the equity framework, you already have listed: The above documents you will need to email me for, the files will be too large to send. Below are additional documents.


white privilege for sale

I am currently asking/trying to get more information from Grant High School in Portland, OR but no one seems to care. The first thing the instructor said was "All white people are racist and privileged and we're going to talk about why." As I mentioned above, I have contacted the …

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