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Beyond Diversity Training

I filed a "Right to Know" with the district in the Fall of 2020. I am concerned about what political philosophies the teachers are passing on to the students. It's worse than I thought. The teachers, all of them, are being trained in white privilege, white fragility, systemic racism, genders …


Does Troy's zealotry for 'Equity' over equality violate Michigan state law?

Troy School District Superintendent lays out the priority and vision to make Racial Equity a major focus of the school district. At the 2:00 minute mark of the 2020-2021 Welcome Back video, the Superintendent of the Troy School District states that "Racial Equity and the fight against Systemic Racism" will …


Teachers forced to tell students of "the need for Social Activism!"

Teachers were forced to teach a "Social Advisory Lesson" about Black Lives Matters, Social Justice, Anti-Racism, COVID and POC, etc. and then discuss the topics with the students. "In our last MCPS SEL Lesson, we discussed the impact and effects of Racism. Today we will discuss our country's reaction and …

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