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Race to the Bottom: Uncovering the Secret Forces Destroying American Public Education builds on the examples on this site to show how special interest influence spreads, where it comes from, how to spot it, and what you can do. Knowledge is power, and this book is required reading for empowered parents. Mark Levin says "If you want to preserve a good life for your kids—and yourself—you need to understand what’s in this book.”

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North Carolina

District-wide CRT & Activist SEL Lessons

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has recently embarked on an antiracism initiative to ensure equal outcomes for all students. This includes labeling white students as privileged and oppressors, creating activities to help them explore their intersectionality and ways in which they are oppressed, and encouraging them to become social justice advocates through protests …


Reading "Charlie" to PreK-5 grade students

The school system is also promoting Pride week. One of the events is reading "Calvin" to PreK-5 grade students. The book's description according to Google is "In this joyful and impactful picture book, a transgender boy prepares for the first day of school and introduces himself to his family and …


School Board Promoting Gender Confusion

Dekalb, IL School Board District 428 Promoting Gender Identity Confusion.

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