With coronavirus-trigged "distance learning," parents are discovering what has been going on behind closed doors for years: schools routinely assign curriculum that aggressively pushes points of view on contemporaneous political debates, and encourages students to adopt the belief that they are oppressed and powerless -- even if they previously operated under the assumption that they were happy and free.

The use of government money to push a political agenda is a shocking breach, and no person -- even if you agree with the ideas -- should support it.

It has often gone undetected because American schools are run by 13,000 independent school systems. To whom do you turn when someone takes advantage of their access to your child to teach non-academic ideas that are at best, political, and at worst, factually wrong and even psychologically devastating?

The ideology most commonly being pushed, related to "equity" (defined as equal outcomes) and "critical race theory," is not a preference for the Democratic party over the Republican one, but rather something closer to nihilism -- that American children are living under a tyrannical capitalistic regime. As bizarre as that sounds, it's happening in nearly every school district, from rural to urban, and is funded by our own government.

Dressed up in vague but pleasant-sounding words, these initiatives sometimes pass unnoticed in principle. But once implemented, they are nothing like what residents thought -- or would be OK with. They are not "racial sensitivity training" or "diversity training." You have to see it to believe it.

America’s most important institution has been taken over by people espousing cynical, pessimistic and divisive beliefs that almost no one outside a group of professional activists actually believes.

Millions of parents across America are hoping someone will step up. But in small towns everywhere, that person may have to be you. This website allows you to browse problematic curriculum being assigned across the country, and anonymously upload your own examples from your child's school.

These people push this curriculum on children precisely because they are some of the only people who don't know any better -- or don't have the authority -- to push back. Adults seem to know what they're doing is wrong, and when it sees the light of day, frequently recoil. This site facilitates that transparency.

If it's being taught to our children as fact, we have a right to see it. And you can play a part.

What's covered

This site covers K-12 schools, both public and private. For private schools, browse or enter your tip using the school district they're physically located in.

For colleges, please use the Legal Insurrection Foundation's criticalrace.org.

To get resources on how you can get involved and fight back, please see Parents Defending Education.

About the site

This is a crowd-sourced site created by Luke Rosiak, an investigative journalist and author of the book Race to the Bottom: Uncovering the Secret Forces Destroying American Public Education, to enable parents to share information about which it may not be possible to get a journalist to write a full story, but which matter deeply to parents in that community nonetheless.