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According to Cambridge Public Schools:

"Racism and bias (both interpersonal and internalized) exist and persist throughout CPS."

"Many structures and practices are based on white, middle-class norms that do not support equity."

"White and privileged families have inequitable amounts of power, access, and influence at the district, school, and classroom levels. These families’ advocacy often focuses on their own individual children, rather than on collective needs of the community."

"White educators and administrators vary widely in their cultural proficiency and their understanding of race and racism. And white people in Cambridge are often uncomfortable discussing racism directly."

"To become an actively anti-racist school, we need all members of our community to be taking their next steps on the journey from awareness towards action. This includes Morse School parents, caregivers, educators, and even children."

Fifth graders "will get a copy of This Book is Anti-Racist. This book will be used [...] in ELA/History class."



Submitted: Mar 28, 2021