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A black woman is suing a charter school in Nevada, Democracy Prep at the Agassi Campus, for allegedly subjecting her biracial son to "critical race theory."

"The student, "William Clark is in the 12th grade at Democracy Prep at the Agassi Campus (DPAC)... William resides in Clark County, Nevada with his Mother, Gabrielle Clark, in transitional housing with two siblings, both of whom are black. William’s father is deceased... Gabrielle Clark is a single mother and guardian of three children, two of whom are school age, including William Clark. She has brought up her children according to traditional Judeo-Christian principles, including the proposition that every person is unique and equal before the eyes of God and will be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin."

"Defendant Kathryn Bass is a teacher and employee at DPAC. She teaches and
grades the compulsory “Sociology of Change” class in which William Clark was enrolled,
and she required William Clark and his fellow students to reveal and make professions about their gender, sex, religious and racial identities, and subjected those professions to public interrogation, scrutiny and derogatory labeling as part of a curriculum designed, promoted and implemented by DPPS and its CEO and Superintendent Natasha Trivers. Defendant Kathryn Bass terminated class discussion when Plaintiff William Clark and other students sought to engage critically with Defendants’ class material and programming that assigned character attributes on the basis of race, sex and gender. She also failed Plaintiff William Clark for the class at issue, and penalized him for not completing graded identity confession assignment."

"Defendants’ curriculum made attacks against the integrity of Plaintiff William Clark and his mother’s family relationships. William Clark’s deceased father was white, and he died when William was too
young to know him. The DPPS/DPAC teacher presentation material purports to supply substantial information as to what sort of man he was, however, and what sort of relationship he had with Plaintiff William Clark ’s black mother. “Interpersonal racism is what white people do to people of color close up,” one “Sociology of Change” curriculum slide declares, with examples including
“beatings and harrasments.”"

"With green eyes and blondish hair, Plaintiff William Clark is generallyregarded as white by his peers, and despite having a black mother, is so light skinned that he is usually presumed “white” by all others. He is the only apparent white boy in his class."

"Defendants informed Plaintiff William Clark that he must return to and complete the “Sociology of Change” class, or he would not be permitted to graduate from high school."

The lawsuit was brought in federal court by lawyers Jonathan O’Brien and Marquis Aurbach Coffing, with involvement by the group No Left Turn in Education.



Submitted: Mar 28, 2021