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"The district board voted 5-0 to contract with NEP (at $140,000) to help root out implicit bias in teachers and curriculum. Some teachers were put through "Struggle Sessions" or "Workshops" to help them realize that they were actually racists. The California Department of Education mandated that RJUHSD close the disparity gap in suspension between minority and white students. NEP and CA Dept. of Ed believe that any disparities are the result of racism. In September, we submitted several independent studies to the board to show that racism is not a major factor in minority suspensions and low academic achievement. Our emails are now being deleted and unopened."

"In October, the principal at Oakmont notified parents that students wanted to start a "Social Justice" club. We met with the principal to present our reasons why administration should take precautions regarding the management and content presented in the group. We suggested that there be some sensible input in an attempt to counter the misleading and radical material the students will be exposed to in the group."

"As of the Winter break, 2020, the board and administrators seem to have no interest in pushing back against the state dept. of ed or what is being taught in the classrooms."

"Below are just two examples of focus of radical classroom teachers.

New for 2020-21, two of RJUHSD’s schools offered an Ethnic Studies class. The students were given a “Social Identity Category Response Sheet” to fill out. This survey uses identifiers such as race, sex, gender, religion, etc. The students enter their answers into columns titled “Privilege Group” or “Target Group”. The teacher approached a student and said the student was a “Privileged White Racist”. The student and parent met with the principal and teacher about the incident. According to the parent, the principal told the student and parent that the teacher was correct. (See attached document or go to, link “RESOURCES” under “DOCUMENTS” for this sample survey.)

Example #2: At another RJUHSD’s school, a Mexican boy was directed by his English teacher to write a paper on how he has been oppressed because of his race. He stated to us that he had never been oppressed because of his race and was concerned that the teacher would be upset so he fabricated a story."



Submitted: Mar 28, 2021