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A board member of the Clover Park School District has received demands to submit his resignation for using the phrase "crack the whip" during a school board meeting in which he said he was calling upon his fellow board members to do all it could it helping students graduate.

An unsuccessful challenger to his position on the school board during a recent election, in a letter to the school board, charged him with “blatant bigotry and racism,” calling him “an explicit racist” and “a considerable liability.”

Several members of the Clover Park Education Association Executive Board signed a letter with the following "remedies": 1) A public apology issued by the board member making the so-called offensive statement; 2) Members of the Board take additional training on Microaggressions and other culturally responsive trainings (as the rest of the Clover Park District staff have been taking), 3) implement an ethnic studies curricula across the district beginning at the pre-school level so that Black and Brown students can see themselves represented in this educational system and 4) increase the racial diversity of the staff at all levels.



Submitted: Mar 28, 2021