User's comment:

"Our children's history curriculum consists of the history of slavery, and the accomplishments of black people. I think it's important that children learn the history of slavery and the accomplishments of black people. However, the history of slavery is sprinkled with statements that America is systemically racist today. The history is also slanted so that children learn that whites and Christians are the bad guys and blacks and Muslims are the poor persecuted good guys. The long history of Muslims enslaving black and white people and blacks enslaving black and white people is left out. The literature they are reading is slanted in many ways. I haven't seen any statements regarding the fact that Christians stopped slavery in Africa. Children aren't reminded that America fought a civil war in which half the population fought to abolish slavery and many died to do it. Perhaps they will be taught that later. I think there is a need for a web site in which corrections to the material being taught to children is posted. At one point I sent an email to the teachers pointing out what was wrong with what they were teaching and they complained to the principal who wrote me an email saying it was not appropriate to send such messages and that she had instructed the teachers not to correspond with me. I can't think of anything more appropriate than informing a teacher when she teaches incorrect material to her classroom and I can't think of anything more inappropriate than indoctrinating children with incorrect information. The students are also taught bad things about the police and aren't taught the police's side of the story."



Submitted: Mar 28, 2021