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MCPS teachers were given this website and asked to read and write up a reflection on this website showing the characteristics of "white supremacy culture" that show up in our schools and how we plan to combat each of these aspects of "white culture"... Here is synopsis.

Below is a list of characteristics of white supremacy culture which show up in our organizations. Culture is powerful precisely because it is so present and at the same time so very difficult to name or identify. The characteristics listed below are damaging because they are used as norms and standards without being pro-actively named or chosen by the group. They are damaging because they promote white supremacy thinking. They are damaging to both people of color and to white people. Organizations that are people of color-led or a majority people of color can also demonstrate many damaging characteristics of white supremacy culture.
-Sense of Urgency
-Quantity over Quality
-Worship of the Written Word
-Only One Right Way
-Either/Or Thinking
-Power Hoarding
-Fear of Open Conflict
-Progress is Bigger/More
-Right to Comfort



Submitted: Mar 28, 2021