User's comment:
Knowledge of cultural responsiveness and meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse public
school district. Skill in assisting school and district leaders in infusing diversity into the
curriculum and enhancing the compositional diversity profile of students, faculty, and staff.
Ability to successfully engage with and improve outcomes for diverse communities and student
populations. Ability to challenge and influence peers to approach all work with an equity lens.
Ability to engage with diverse staff, leadership, and constituents to promote trust, collaboration,
and partnerships, both internal and external to the organization. Knowledge of the diversity,
equity, and inclusiveness (DEI) research base and best practices for organizations striving to
become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Skill in utilizing data to improve District office
performance and school leadership, instruction, and operations to produce quantifiable student
gains. Ability to develop and monitor indicators of organizational culture and engage employees
and senior leadership to create organizational change. Ability to create/design professional
development regarding equity and diversity.

Job Summary:
To lead the District’s efforts to build a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion for all
students, families, employees, and school community.



Submitted: Mar 28, 2021