User's comment:

"The tMHFA (teen Mental Health First Aid) program is harmful for children. Below are the main points expanded upon in the harm analysis presented below:
1- Glamorizes a Sexually Explicit, LGBTQ Advocate
2- Undermines Parents' or Parental Rights
3- Normalizes Transgenderism
4- Violates Students' Rights
5- Presentation Help Resources Are Harmful
6- Text Resources & Handouts Are Harmful
The parent permission form sent home to CHS parents did not include any information that 'sexual orientation' or 'gender identity' would be topics within the program. Parents should have all the information on the permission form so that they can make a decision about what is best for their family. For at least one parent at CISD, they were not told the truth about the program's content."



Submitted: Mar 28, 2021