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In Northbrook School District 28, Meadowbrook ES, Fifth Grade Teacher, Jess Lifshitz, (@Jess5th) posted this on her Twitter account on March 23, 2021.

"Our SEL lessons are now focused on systems and how they oppress & privilege. I wrote & illustrated (barely) this story/lesson to help my students understand how past systemic injustice impacts the present. I'd like to read it to a few adults as well."

The story she wrote and teaches, "The Rock Collectors: A Story About Systemic Inequity and the Need To Create Change," illustrates that groups are pitted one against the other and that some groups have unfair access to resources based on their group status. Solutions given in the story include Reparations and Affirmative Action. The teacher charges the students to, "Find the unfair systems that created the unfair current reality and then listen to the people who have been most harmed by those systems about the ways they should be changed."

This deviates from the SEL curriculum posted by Northbrook District.



Submitted: Mar 31, 2021