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Sperreng Middle School gym teacher sent out this letter informing parents about teaching "Learning for Justice Lessons. See letter below

Hello Families!

We are dedicating 1 day a week to choice-driven topics through "Learning for Justice" lessons (formerly named "Teaching Tolerance") and some time for Self-Care.

This work began with kids creating word clouds of topics that are of importance to them at this time (attached). I'm asking that kids now rank the topics in order of personal importance this Virtual Monday using this FORM. I encourage you to view the form, so you are aware of the topics.

This work is sensitive, personal, and challenging. I want to be sure to honor each child and family by communicating topics being discussed ahead of time. Students will always have the option to excuse themselves if certain topics are triggering.

🧘 Kim Onder

(she / her)

Health & Fitness Coach

Sperreng Middle School



Submitted: Apr 05, 2021