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My son’s school district does 1 hour of at home learning via Zoom each Wednesday. His teacher typically teaches a lesson within an academic subject like mathematics. Today, for the entire hour, the teacher read a book to them called “Separate Is Never Equal.” Within the very first page you will find the sentence, “She was looking at her locker when a young white boy pointed and yelled at her, “Go back to the Mexican school! You don’t belong here.”

Unbeknownst to us, the teacher had started reading it in class the day prior. It can be found on social justice websites for teachers but is available to the kids on their account. While we of course agree with the premise of the book, we do not appreciate the social engineering that is occurring. Why should my son be pointed out and blamed for the faults of others of many years ago? Why should he be burdened at the tender age of 10 with adult issues? What happened to teaching reading, math and science? Our school system can do so much better.



Submitted: Apr 07, 2021