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Using monthly PTA newsletter, Elementary School PTA pushes politically biased resources on parents during Black History Month.

The newsletter is promoting Black Lives Matter, a pro-Marxist activist group.

It provides "Resources for Co-Conspirators” weblink to 50+ other biased websites. It features a troubling cartoon by The New Yorker.

It includes a positive YouTube compilation video of accomplished black personalities. I find that ironic since most of the group represented tend to be wealthy and successful, succeeding in a capitalist society, and doing so despite the left’s allegations of systematic racism in our country. However, some of the public comments are troubling.

It includes TedTalk Video featuring Dr. Bettina Love. Though her message is meant to be positive, she makes a negative Reagan reference in her video . Some of the public comments are troubling.

Does the elementary school endorse these resources in their entirety, including public comments on YouTube and TedTalk?

If no, then they are being irresponsible in sending material out to parents without vetting the materials they are sending.

And whether it is yes or no, it is a politically biased effort by the school since other political viewpoints are not represented.

Keep politics out of elementary schools. Get back to teaching Reading, Writing, and Math.

PTA Newsletter’s Weblink: Resources for Co-Conspirators

PTA Newsletter’s Weblink: Most Searched People

PTA Newsletter’s Weblink: Hip hop, grit, and academic success: Bettina Love at TEDxUGA



Submitted: Apr 11, 2021