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The Launch Pad's Teen Advisory Council ( has organized an event with Eric Bailey ( that allows student to miss several classes to attend.

It has been promoted through school email to students and parents, daily announcements in school, and flyers.

The first event, held last Fall was not open to adults but only teenagers. This upcoming event on Monday April 19 is open to students, giving them the opportunity to be excused from their regular classes and, in addition, offering tickets to adults for $10 each.

Here is the flyer language:

Better Together - Making Prescott Everybody’s Hometown

A Youth Summit Facilitated by Teen Leaders and Eric Bailey

In response to the recent events in the Greater Prescott Area that have shed a light on the lack of respect for differences in our community, The Launch Pad Teen Center in partnership with The City of Prescott and The Daily Courier, bring you, “Better Together: Creating a Community Where all Teens Thrive, ” a Youth Summit by and for teens in the Greater Prescott Area.

Better Together is hybrid virtual event bringing together all of the area high schools to discuss diversity, inclusion, and civil discourse.
Eric Bailey of Bailey Strategic Innovation Group will be facilitating in partnership with local teen leaders through a virtual format.
Schools will be participating in small groups within their classrooms.

What: Better Together - Making Prescott Everybody’s Hometown
When: Monday, April 19th, 2021 - 12:30 pm
Where: Zoom Event
For Questions or Inquiries, email:

NOTE: All PHS students who choose to participate in the following event should complete this form and return
it to the front office. Participation in this event is voluntary and sponsored by the Launch Pad Teen
Center. Students who return this completed form will be excused from periods 5, 6, and 7 on April 19th.

Here are some of the beliefs of the facilitator, Eric Bailey:

When you visit the Launch Pad's FB page you will find some videos posted by their teens that help highlights the views of this organization:



Submitted: Apr 13, 2021