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Dear Thoreau Families,

Last June, our district leadership sent a letter to our LWSD community in response to the horrific and senseless death of George Floyd. Today, the jury in the trial against Derek Chauvin returned guilty verdicts for murder and manslaughter in George Floyd’s death. While these guilty verdicts help us to have hope for real change, our work to prepare our students to become adults who can collectively impact lasting change continues.

Our school Equity Team is in constant conversation and preparation to act in such circumstances. Our staff is trained and consistently has these conversations, in age-appropriate ways, with our students. Over the next few days, your child’s teacher may guide conversations about the trial and verdict with our students. We understand that these types of conversations with students can feel difficult or uncomfortable, and we do want to be mindful of your unique family situations. Feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher for more information, or resources to have these conversations at home as well.

In just shy of one calendar year, we have witnessed additional racially motivated incidents which have resulted in the deaths of innocent Black men and women and increased violence against our Asian population. It is imperative that we continue to reflect on our own personal journeys in racial equity work, and the role we play in perpetuating systemic racism and the roles we have in dismantling it. As a system, LWSD is committed to removing barriers for historically underserved students. At Thoreau, we remain deeply committed to our partnership with parents to teach our students racial equity, to strive for a culture where all students are seen, heard and valued, and to address gaps in opportunity and achievement for our students.



Submitted: Apr 21, 2021