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Is a "Teaching Tolerance" program written by Shane Wiegand a fourth grade teacher from Rush Henrietta CSD. His curriculum includes teaching children the "definition" of racism and the history of racism and inequality of Rochester, NY in the past and today. He starts his teacher training with the definition of racism as: ● Individual- and group-level processes and structures that are implicated in the reproduction of racial inequality.” Systemic racism happens when these structures or processes are carried out by groups with power, such as governments, businesses or schools. ● Racism differs from bias, which is a conscious or unconscious prejudice against an individual or group based on their identity. ● Basically, racial bias is a belief. Racism is what happens when that belief translates into action. He also includes the privilege of living in the suburbs vs the city which creates an understanding of the shame of being and growing up "white". Currently, this curriculum has been rolled out to 4th, 8th and 12th graders and in the next school year (2021-2022) will include kindergarten through grades 12. The Zoom video conference for teachers and administrators can be found at



Submitted: Apr 21, 2021