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The Webster Groves School District adopted a "Anti Racism, Anti-Bias" policy that, among many things presupposes Racism and Bias in children and staff and creates an anonymous reporting system of "micro-aggressions" that will be judged from a presumption of guilt and victimhood based on race and sex. For at least the 2nd time in the WGSD history it is official policy to judge children differently based on the color of their skin and treat them differently based on the same. However this is the first time since the civil rights act was passed in 1964.
No meaningful community input was sought despite repeated and serious pleas to do so. It was effectively hidden from the public until it was voted on and then staff suddenly made it a headline communication and found the time to produce a 12 minute video that includes a new-found "collective responsibility" of the community to adopt this twisted vision of society. No word on when "collective guilt" will be assigned.



Submitted: Apr 23, 2021