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There is no mention of the CDC changes for social distancing on the date this was sent (March 19, 2021). This email came from the school administration. Meanwhile, the schools were mostly closed in DC and I when I opened the email, I expected to see exciting news about how schools would re-open with the CDC changes.

Dear Community,

In the wake of the recent murders of Asian-Americans in Atlanta, and the widespread rise of anti-Asian hate crimes across the country that has corresponded with the pandemic, Key School stands in solidarity with the Asian Pacific American community.

Anti-Asian sentiment has become more aggressive during COVID-19, and it must be seen in the historical context of racial discrimination against Asian-Americans in the United States, from the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which attempted to bar all immigration from China for over 60 years, to the incarceration of over 100,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry during World War II.

Racism, hatred and bigotry should not be tolerated in this country by anyone. As a predominantly white community, it is our responsibility to stand up for our community members of color. Key School will continue to support the AAPI community, and stand in solidarity with Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities affected by all forms of white supremacy.

The Key School Equity Team works to provide an inclusive, safe, and equitable environment for our students, staff, and families. Monthly meetings are open to all members of the community. The next meeting is Tuesday, March 30 at 7:30am.

We ask that you take a stand with us, to help prevent baseless hate and violence. Below are some resources to help us stand together.

TIME Magazine resources for helping adults talk to kids about anti-Asian racism
Learning for Justice (Teaching Tolerance): responding to anti-Asian violence
POLITI-Kids Resources for Parents




Submitted: Apr 24, 2021