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Culturally Responsive Teaching, Social Justice and Equity are the code words used by the current Guilford CT BOE and Superintendent to push a radical agenda to the families in a small New England town. They claim that there is institutional/systemic racism in America and the Guilford community. No escaping it. No nod to the civil rights work that has been done or is being done in our country. Therefore, our children are “responsible for their own participation in our local, national, and global communities as they emerge into adulthood.” Is it the public school’s job to indoctrinate our children about social behavior by making them look at nothing but skin color? Many parents say no but are too afraid to be called racist for speaking out! Many parents say what they are pushing is in fact racism! What a complete violation of our constitutional rights - specifically the Equal Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.



Submitted: Apr 29, 2021