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Take a look at California PTA's email celebrating Governor Newsom's May 2021 Budget Proposal. It may sound good, but I see it as reckless spending with no accountability or proven track record. It moves power from the local level to the state level--and eventually to the federal level. In other words, as power moves away locally, parents will have less power & freedom to control the education of their kids.

How about stop threatening local districts by withholding funding if they refuse to do what is dictated by the state, unions and PTA?

How about focusing on Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science?

How about teaching students about personal responsibility instead of victimhood?

How about getting California schools back to 100% in-person learning?

How about stop indoctrinating our kids?

Included is the California PTA Website for more insight.



Submitted: May 14, 2021