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What is the DCSD Educational Equity Policy?

Recently, the DCSD Board of Education approved DCSD Policy ADB - Educational Equity. Since then, we have received questions about the policy.

The purpose of the Educational Equity Policy is to show DCSD’s continued commitment to ensuring that every DCSD student and staff member has access to equitable and rigorous educational opportunities. The policy also reaffirms DCSD’s commitment to providing an inclusive culture to ensure all students, staff, and community members feel safe and valued.

The policy has raised concerns from some members of our community who have asked if this will change DCSD curriculum to incorporate Critical Race Theory. DCSD is not changing its curriculum. All instruction in DCSD is, and will continue to be, aligned with Colorado Academic Standards. Our educators are committed to supporting all students in meeting or exceeding the rigorous expectations outlined in these standards.



Submitted: May 17, 2021