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Under the current school board and soon to be retiring superintendent they are quickly rolling out their teacher diversity training and pushing these materials to kids as young as Kindergarten. Below are only two samples of assignments that were sent home during Spring of Covid 19. Multiple emails have gone out from the superintendent who has bullied a staff member publicly based on her disapproval of this topic in a private meeting, and in addition they are announcing and promoting their new policies that will inevitably be implemented ASAP.

Here is a copy and paste of just one of her many emails on this topic:

Dear GUSD Community,

The recent conviction of police officer Chauvin and continued violence in our nation provides us with an opportunity to reflect upon the importance of the work we are doing in Goleta Union School District (GUSD) in equity and anti-racism. The members of GUSD are part of a diverse community and every child, parent, and employee deserve to be valued and safe. GUSD’s commitment to equity work and anti-racism endeavors to accomplish this.

Our Equity Task force, comprised of 29 stakeholders representing teachers, parents, administrators, and trustees, recently completed a pilot of anti-bias training and have selected a partner, Ally to Accomplice, for an expanded pilot next year. We plan to train five cohorts of 25 participants over the next year, beginning this May. A total of 125 GUSD staff members will receive this training. The cohort trainings are six-weeks each and combine asynchronous training with virtual processing/discussion meetings. We extend our gratitude to the members of the Equity Task Force in helping us select our training partner.

We have included some resources here that you might find helpful. We hope you will look them over.

10 Tips for Teaching and Talking To Kids About Race (

10 Tips for Reading Picture Books with Children through a Race-Conscious Lens, by Megan Dowd Lambert (

Finally, our strategic plan states, “We value the strength of diversity in our schools and community and strive to provide equitable resources and experiences for each child and family we serve. We work to eliminate prejudice and bias among our students and staff. We strive to reach consistently high levels of achievement for each demographic group in our District and to dismantle systemic obstacles to success for all.”



Submitted: May 19, 2021