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This a college prep Catholic high school for girls. I was very surprised to see they hired a Diversity and Equity officer. I am not sure if parents understand this has infiltrated the school but it's concerning. Please see below for the initiatives and new mission statement.

At Gwynedd, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice are synonymous with belonging.

We recognize that every person is a child of God and that trust, understanding, and mutual respect lie at the heart of our community. Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School is committed to creating a supportive learning environment where all individuals are valued for their unique contributions and are able to achieve their highest potential.

We reject all prejudice and strongly believe that a diverse and inclusive environment is the best learning environment for our young women and prepares them to live, work, and thrive in an increasingly global and intercultural community.

"To open doors for her, we will unite our community, expand our diversity, and grow connections locally and globally.
Gwynedd's great differentiator is our strength of community infused with Mercy spirit. Our genuine desire to help one another succeed empowers the whole to make an even greater impact in the world. To widen and deepen our circle, we will mobilize our Gwynedd family through our global Mercy network to share our story and create a more vibrant, diverse, and engaged school community where all feel welcome, supported, and purposeful. Through a commitment to faith, service, and inclusion, our students will forever ground themselves in Mercy values, calibrating their moral compass for life."
We strive to create a space in which differences in culture, ethnicity, race and other aspects of identity and opinion can be safely and authentically represented and celebrated.

We work to ensure that every girl is visible—seen and valued for their unique and special contributions to our shared community.

We believe in maintaining equal yet equitable space—removing barriers and safeguarding the ability for any student to access and engage in our traditions, programs, curricula and athletics.

We value fairness and justice as demonstrated by our policies and desire to engage in restorative justice practices.

At Gwynedd we educate, inspire, and empower women to be their best selves—to lead with compassion and kindness as they prepare to enter life after Gwynedd as strong, merciful global leaders.

Current DEIJ Initiatives
Schoolwide microaggressions discussion
Implicit Bias workshop for students
Board Training on Understanding White Privilege and Systemic Racism
Board of Trustees read and reflect on White Fragility
Assessment of Inclusion & Multiculturalism Discovery Conversations
Assessment of Inclusion & Multiculturalism Online survey
A Seat at the Table



Submitted: May 21, 2021