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October 20 2020 SBE Agenda | Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (

Agenda Item > P: Advancing Educational Equity-October 2020 (

Many disturbing things proposed in this MSIP6 (Missouri School Improvement Plan):
"Educational inequities occur when different populations of students experience different rates
of access to high quality education. These different rates of access occur for different reasons.
These reasons are dictated by education policy. The presentation will offer considerations for
the State Board of Education on how to address policy implications that result in educational

Page 5: Embedding Equity and Diversity, 'monitor equity gaps between groups',
'Measure by setting growth targets to increase the percentage of underrepresented students in advanced courses and gifted courses while also reducing disparities in discipline data and the over identification of special education services.'

Page 6: 'Measure by creating a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Index that is based on ACTION such as diversity training, policy adoption, diverse hiring/retention, and alignment with the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan.'

Page 7: All ideas to hire more of underrepresented staff. (Can we just hire the best qualified and encourage all races to enter the teaching profession?)



Submitted: May 26, 2021