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The NSBA (National School Board Association) embraces political activism in public school.

Their DIRE initiative stands for "Dismantling Institutional Racism in Education." They held a fully "woke" educational seminar in February 2021, and will repeat and add to their activism in summer of 2021.

Here is their statement:

As schools across the country responded to acts of systemic racism in the summer of 2020, NSBA launched the Dismantling Institutional Racism in Education (DIRE) initiative to assist state school boards associations and other education leaders in addressing racial inequities.

DIRE acknowledges that institutional, structural, and systemic racism has been engrained in the history of America and throughout its public education system. It is dedicated to understanding and recognizing the root causes of barriers to equitable educational outcomes for each child.

The nation’s school boards are uniquely positioned to accomplish this task. School boards set goals, approve policies, adopt curriculum, set budgets, and oversee administrative aspects for their local schools. They also serve as a direct line of communication from the community to the school. School boards are responsible for fulfilling the promise of public education.



Submitted: May 29, 2021