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In February, MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer created a 29 member COVID-19 Student Recovery Advisory Council. The council released its blueprint for recovery. Pages 26-27 state: "The racial disparities seen throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and the systemic cycle of discrimination and injustice must be accounted for in our schools." And that the root cause of inequities is "Systemic racism, classism, sexism, and discrimination based on religion."

Executive Order:,9309,7-387-90499_90705-553226--,00.html
The Blueprint to be used for the State of Michigan: (pages 26-27 with links)

She takes no ownership of her own lockdown policies which put children out of school and parents out of work. It wasn't systemic racism; it was poor governance. But she will take cover under popular, but meaningless, phrases.

Her mandate is for schools to absorb and disseminate Critical Race Theory and ill-defined racism to it's vulnerable students. She will do this through these strategies:

• Conduct districtwide surveys, -- e.g., School Climate Survey (MiMTSS) School Climate Survey (PBIS) -- on
school culture and climate, and solicit input from staff, students, and families.
- Include items to assess for perceived racism and racial discrimination.
• Conduct a comprehensive equity audit of local policies and practices with broad participation of local
- Employ intentional strategies to gather input from marginalized community populations.

There are so many links in the document, that it would be hard to put them all in one report. But if you go to pages 26-27 of the main document, you will be able to access them. I will try to create reports for the main ones, though. It is very seriously Critical Race Theory and early sexual orientation identification which has been linked to higher rates of suicide. The earlier children "identify," the less fluid their gender exploration, and the more likely they are to attempt to kill themselves. This is very dangerous. >> <<



Submitted: Jun 04, 2021