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Students throughout the United States are reading articles put out by Newsla,, a site where their "platform takes real and new content from trusted providers and turns it into learning materials that meet most State standards."( their own description). Teachers ARE free to choose what articles they want their students to learn about, but these articles are clearly slanted to a liberal perspective , and because teachers assign these pieces which requires the student to carefully read them, there is NOTHING to prevent the teacher from assigning whatever they want them to learn--social issues, climate change, BLM, Critical Race Theory, inclusion, diversity, etc. ,etc. I am a public school educator in a district in Michigan where I have taught for the past 20 years. This site, good in many respects, is also promoting the issues (and more) listed above under the guise of "learning materials" to push their liberal agenda in our schools. Newsla is only for educators. Hmmmmm ......I wonder why??????



Submitted: Jun 10, 2021