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K through 5 is being taught that parents and grandparents are racist and do not know it. They encourage the students to believe that parents cannot understand and that the coordinator is all-knowing and will teach our children the correct way to teach. It took up to two weeks to read a book called the Milkshake man.

In middle schools, the children are being taught sexuality and self-identification, which is confusing to students. Students are walking around joking and saying, " I am nonbinary, I am trans, I am bi." Using simple statements such as "girls can love girls." Some students believe that friendship means the same as love. Therefore the friendship and or potential love is creating more confusion/distress for students and parents.

Teachers are given free classes for training at Kent state university for DEI training further. Summer reading encouragement for teachers includes Ibram Kendi's book being an antiracist. The DEI coordinator also encouraging on Twitter to watch a PBS show call, " a call to action for White educators who seek to be anti-racist.

The DEI content is not State Enriched curriculum, and it has been moved into social studies and STEM.



Submitted: Jun 14, 2021