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This past school year, my son’s history teacher required the students to read the book “Lies My Teacher Told Me,” take notes on the content, and then take tests on the material. This book represents, critical race theory, as it teaches students that everything they have been taught previously was filtered thru a lens of “white privilege.” This went on for an entire nine weeks, followed by another nine weeks focused on racism and white privilege in American entertainment, tv and movies. My other son’s English teacher, in the same school, required the students to read and summarize a different article every week from a liberal newspaper, the entire school year. Topics ranged from LGBTQ rights to climate change to criticism of conservative leaders. The material was largely opinion and propaganda, but presented as fact to these impressionable students. I did not save any of these materials, but I will definitely do so in the Fall, and will upload them here.



Submitted: Jun 14, 2021