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What we know:
The Bay Village Board of Education passed a resolution to commit to Equity in education on Aug. 10, 2020. The resolution can be found at
Among other things, the resolution states, “We seek to disrupt systemic inequities and eliminate disparities based on student and family characteristics…”
The district committed to “develop and implement an Equity Initiative Action Plan with clear and measurable goals, action steps and accountability”
Based on the pictures used to describe their Equity Commitment on the website, equity would result in equal outcomes for students. This is problematic. The District then entered a contract with the Ohio School Board Association (OSBA), a non-governmental agency to hire an auditor to conduct a district wide “Equity Audit”.
Grant money was obtained and used to complete phase 1A of a 3 phase audit. A.L. Berry Inc ( was hired to be the auditor. Based on information from her own website and blog, it would be impossible for her to conduct an unbiased, impartial audit.
Parents have asked the Superintendent and School Board for information about this process and the audit itself, only to be provided with vague responses and in many cases, non-answers.
Last school year, the district assembled an “Equity Committee” comprised of school staff, leadership and teachers as well as a couple community members and a few parents. Members of the equity committee spoke at the last school board meeting to praise the district for the work they’ve been doing in the areas of anti-racism, diversity and equity as well as inclusion for all people especially those in the LGBTQ community.
The District’s new strategic plan which contains Diversity and Equity as a driving factor as well as “Social Emotional Learning” has not been provided because it is currently in draft form. Set to be released by the end of July (just a few weeks before school starts).
The school board claims they will not be teaching Critical Race Theory. We have not been provided with clear, consistent information to confirm this. The lack of transparency leaves a lot of room for doubt.
We have no information regarding Social Emotional Learning which is mentioned many times in their Extended Learning Plan (see attached document). Research into this topic is crucial! From our understanding, SEL opens up the opportunity for school staff to walk our children through complicated emotional issues. Issues (morals and values) that should be reserved for parents to help navigate their children through…. Not the schools.



Submitted: Jun 25, 2021