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Page 12 of the proposed budget was this bullet point:
* Commitment to equity, antiracist culture and social justice

Page 22 of the proposed budget was this heading and :
Antiracist and Social Justice Work
• We have a responsibility to work with each other to build anti-racist identities and practices.
• True anti-racism training must be ongoing, and it must involve networks to support us in this practice. We know that this will need to be uncomfortable and question long held beliefs. The work of building identities and practices that push back against white supremacy in our society must be an ongoing process.
• This work must be accountable to the people of color who find themselves targeted by racism on a daily basis. We must be open and transparent about this work and these conversations with our colleagues of color.
• Humility must be central to this work. We must learn from and listen to people of color, especially our colleagues and students.
• Talking about racism and white supremacy isn’t enough—conversation alone won’t change the oppressive conditions people of color face daily. With this said, we know that discussion is an essential part of this work. We know that unlearning will take a lot of introspection and conversation.

While the district works to audit and analyze our current practices, policies, core program and staffing, we are working to reflect on how we can become a better learning community. One area that we would like to be sure we commit to is our work as a Beloved Community. We have been working with consultants for Kingian Nonviolence to help us learn and grow together. We know that we have much work to do.



Submitted: Jun 25, 2021