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The Superintendent of Wilmington Public Schools provided this generic overview of what will be taught to students:

Critical Race Theory (CRT) itself is not being taught in our Pre-K-12 schools. However, the research that informs CRT will inform our district’s equity plan moving forward.

Our strategic plan includes a focus on a culture of inclusion. We strive to foster an inclusive learning environment and culture of respect in all classrooms, cultivating respect for diverse ideas and viewpoints. Our curricular decisions are guided by DESE, based on research, and driven by data. We believe that education must be relevant, current, and meaningful for all children we serve.

To that end, we want every child to exit their Pre-K-12 experience in this district by being able to think deeply and critically. Materials are designed to develop students’ critical consciousness, linked to civic dispositions, by examining issues of power, equity, and justice in the past and present, allowing them to make evidence-based arguments regarding important historical and current events.



Submitted: Jun 27, 2021