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On March 31, 2021, HCPS announced it had the results from its racism survey. HCPS said that the survey was the idea of both a current and former student member of the HCPS Board of Education (BOE). Hearing "their idea" of a survey to learn about "student perceptions of racism, implicit bias, and other forms of discrimination with HCPS" - Superintendent Sean Bulson agreed and encouraged the survey. Bulson has long been stating that we must "fight systemic racism". Apparently the survey was administered in June 2020 and a report announcing its results was provided via the March 2021 announcement on the HCPS website. According to the report, "an internal team of HCPS researchers and staff members" as well as some external sources did the analysis. Further, HCPS is saying that the survey results show "Most student respondents want HCPS to do more to address racism and implicit bias at HCPS". In other words, HCPS did a survey "based on an idea from student BOE members" and then found issues with racism and then said students want to learn about racism. In a April 6, 2020 article by The Federalist, author Beth Feeley states that schools pushing for "equity" usually start with a survey or audit about school climate which always finds issues that need interventions. The interventions are then equity agendas programs. HCPS acquired the MID ATLANTIC EQUITY CONSORTIUM - same one used by Montgomery County. We have not been shown that report as of yet.



Submitted: Jul 15, 2021