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A Virginia teacher with an exemplary record was placed on administrative leave after questioning the school district’s equity training program.

Shelly Norden, an English and journalism teacher in Fauquier County Public Schools, ran one of the top journalism programs in the state and won the Kettle Run High School’s 2016 “Teacher of the Year” award. But Norden says administrators target her for speaking out against an equity training program.

“I’m not a rabble-rouser,” Norden, who is also a taxpayer in Fauquier County, told The Daily Wire in an interview. “But this wasn’t right, so I started speaking out against it.”

The training program, called Deep Equity, was founded by Gary Howard, a white man who believes that white people “are collectively bound and unavoidably complicit in the arrangements of dominance that have systematically favored our racial group over others.”

Deep Equity teaches progressive ideology and is controversial among parents and taxpayers because it tells educators to “explicitly reject and resist any parents who disagree with it.”



Submitted: Jul 28, 2021