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The Williamson County Moms for Liberty chapter conducted a "deep dive" look into the state-approved 'Wit & Wisdom' curriculum produced by publisher Great Minds. The Williamson County curriculum is K-5. Among other things, their findings revealed:

- There is an overriding theme throughout the curriculum of Caucasian people being oppressors and non-Caucasians as oppressed. There is very little discussion of positive effects Caucasians have had in ameliorating divisions and righting past injustices. The curriculum appears to inflame and promote division.
- Age inappropriate content including murder, sexual positioning, gender fluidity, anti-police, anti-fireman, graphic death, torture, anti-church, rape, adultery, stillbirth, scalping, alcoholism, gore, and promiscuity is introduced (as early as Kindergarten) and reinforced throughout the multi-year curriculum.
- A hyper-focus on emotions, skewed excessively negative. There were 639 mentions of feelings in the 506-page teacher's manual. Of those mentions, negative emotions (anger, sad, scared, miserable, etc) outnumbered positive emotions (happy, excited, proud, etc) 267 to 70. Mad/angry is mentioned 154 times.
- This curriculum was effectively dragged across the finish line by the Tennessee State Department of Education. It was initially not even one of the curricula under review in 2019. It has never passed Tennessee state standards when reviewed (failing twice). The reviewers were then dismissed. It subsequently required a waiver for approval and benefited from the uncertainty brought about by COVID lockdowns in mid-2020. Tennessee counties were then offered financial incentives from the state to adopt 'Wit & Wisdom.' There is a connection between the publisher, Great Minds, and the Gates Foundation.

While perhaps not practical for every parent group to conduct this level of research, it is nonetheless imperative concerned parents make known to others around the country problematic curricula when it is discovered.



Submitted: Jul 30, 2021