User's comment:

"Madison HS AP history taught the idea of "cultural appropriation" as if it were purely negative and not a controversial definition. No recognition that adopting other people's habits is how assimilation occurs and how one culture learns from another.

The class is non-stop leftism from start to finish. Rather than providing a linear chronology so students can understand the historical context of events, the class jumps around by topic. The 1950s are described as an era of "racism," which could have applied to any other decade, as well. Little consideration of racial progress, like rising black earnings versus white, relatively low black unemployment, stable families with little out-of-wedlock birth. Anti-communism taught as paranoia; no mention of Soviet-style dictatorships spreading in Eastern Europe, China falling to Mao, revelations about atomic spies providing secrets to the USSR, communist infiltration of unions...etc.

Students had to do paper on whether he was "privileged" or "oppressed" with teacher guiding kids to think of themselves in terms of their race, ethnicity, religion, sex. Assignment seems designed to elicit feelings of guilt from those who answer "privileged" or defeatism among those who answer "oppressed." Imagine thinking it ok to cultivate a sense of oppression, essentially telling kids why try hard, because others are holding you down anyhow."



Submitted: Mar 28, 2021