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According to leaked documents, the program, which was developed with the Racial Equity Institute, begins with claims that the US is a 'white supremacy system,' designed by white Europeans 'for the purpose of assigning and maintaining white skin access to power and privilege.'

It argues that American history has carried on with a long sequence of oppression, from colonial 1680 to President Barack Obama's stimulus legislation in 2009.

It states that white Americans have been subjected to 'racist conditioning' that indoctrinates them into 'white supremacy.'

The program summarizes white supremacy through a list of qualities including 'individualism,' 'objectivity,' 'paternalism,' 'defensiveness,' 'power hoarding,' 'right to comfort, 'and 'worship of the written word'.

Discussion about racist conditioning are then reportedly conducted in racially segregated groups because different races have 'their own work to do in understanding and addressing racism.'

It allegedly teaches trainers to believe they are guilty of 'white privilege' and 'internalized racial superiority,' while also teaching about the struggles of employees of color.

The program reportedly pushes trainers to think 'white is not right' and to move forward into thinking that 'white can do right.'



Submitted: Oct 19, 2021