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I recently found the attached post from a THIRD GRADE TEACHER in the Red Lion School District in Pennsylvania who has a book titled We are the Water Protectors as one of her classroom books. She says that it is for Native American Heritage Month. Very disappointing to see an opportunity to teach about Native American Heritage be coopted by her political views on the Dakota Access Pipeline. From Wikipedia regarding the book: "We Are Water Protectors is a 2020 picture book written by Carole Lindstrom and illustrated by Michaela Goade. Written in response to the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, the book tells the story of an Ojibwe girl who fights against an oil pipeline in an effort to protect the water supply of her people." Bringing such a complex topic to third graders, and without opposing viewpoints, is one of the many clear examples of indoctrination going on at our schools. I support teaching about Native American Culture but this is clearly just politics.



Submitted: Nov 16, 2021