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I am a high school teacher in a public charter school in Broward County. Charter schools, or at least mine, follow Broward County Public School Policies.

Part of teacher evaluation is now how we address equity in our lessons. Teacher training in equity is required and systemic racism is included as part of that training. There was required teacher training on the "genderbread man" and "gender unicorn".

LGBT curriculum is being "suggested". Students are being taught that "The expression of transgender identity, or any other form of gender-expansive behavior, is a healthy, appropriate and typical aspect of human development." Teachers must refer to students by their preferred name and pronouns, no exceptions. Transgender students are allowed to use any bathroom or locker room that they self-identify with. If students do not want their parents to know to know that they are transitioning or identifying as trans, then that is their right to privacy. Teachers cannot tell parents. This is district policy, and I was directly told this by a school guidance counselor. I have to lie to parents if they even ask. This is in direct violation of a state law made in June of 2021 about parental rights. A parent is currently suing in Leon County (Tallahassee). Teachers in my school are displaying pride flags in their classrooms and pushing their own biased, one-sided political agendas. One teacher showed Michael Moore's documentary Sicko about Cuba's "superior" social health system.

The Girl Power club is promoting LGBT issues and Marxism.



Submitted: Dec 17, 2021