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Elementary School Principal highlights "Association for the Study of African American Life and History" in email to parents before MLK weekend. Email states, "Each year, the (ASALH) designates a theme for the year's Black History Month. For 2022, the theme is Black Health and Wellness. To celebrate, we will provide morning announcements and select grade-level "read aloud" books to be read in class. Ask your child about new learning they experience through these activities!"

ASALH has released a statement to "preserve democratic norms and end white supremacist terrorism".

ASALH Twitter feed shares historical stories of whites harming blacks, white supremacy, BLM, Democrat-backed voting bill advocacy, etc.

Simsbury parents might wonder why a school principal would specifically highlight ASALH?

Are books or topic selections guided by ASALH?



Submitted: Jan 14, 2022