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These two videos were shown in middle school English class as a regular part of class instruction

1. Legos and the 4 I's of Oppression
Oppression is the big theme of Critical Race Theory.
"Ideological oppression leads to institutional oppression which leads to interpersonal oppression which leads to internalized oppression"
"When women make 2/3 what men make, that is internalized oppression"
"When a trans woman feels that they can never be a real woman, that is internalized oppression."
The four types of oppression can never exist without each other.

Take aways: If someone feels oppressed, that is proof that interpersonal, institutional, and ideological oppression exist.
The dominant group Legos never interact with or are friends with the marginalized ducks. The dominant group is never negative toward those within their group. Nothing seems to exist as far as personality dynamics, bullying, charisma, it's all about group based-oppression, which the video says is all around us.

2. What Is Intersectionality? | Queer 101 | The Advocate
Intro to Kimberlé Crenshaw's concept of intersectionality--another key part of CRT
Self-described Asian, woman, lesbian, immigrant describes intersectionality as being part of a number of marginalized groups based on gender, sexuality, race, ability, body size



Submitted: May 06, 2022