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HCPSS School Rainbow Representatives received this training including how to certify their school as a Rainbow Ribbon School
There is a clear push to indoctrinate all students, regardless of personal, family, or religious beliefs into their LBGTQ+ agenda and to do so behind parents' backs. The Howard County Board of Education will give recognition to any school that completes the process

Goals: 5-10% of new books media in school libraries are LGBTQ+
LGBTQ+ Posters and visibility in schools
Gay Sexual Alliance Clubs at school, Rainbow Clubs at elementary school level
Teachers are required to take self-study training modules about LGBTQ+ students
All gender bathroom required
Don't use the words "boy" "girl" "mom" "dad" at school
School must host a schoolwide Pride event
More LGBTQ+ visibility in curriculum
Surveys of students asking them to identify LGBTQ+ allies and which adults they can talk to about LGBTQ+ topics, among other things
Teachers must sumbit photos, student work samples, and other artifacts proving they are teaching the LGBTQ+ agenda

Note that parents receive no notification, no opt out even though all of this occurs during school hours and the law requires parent preview and student opt-out option for all "family life and sexual health" curriculum



Submitted: Jul 21, 2022