User's comment:

A slide shown as part of an HCPSS English class unit on freedom is classic CRT (Critical Race Theory).
It defines the terms "identity," "culture," "race," and "bias."

A note at the bottom of the slide emphasizes that students must NOT treat others as fellow human beings but instead as representatives of their labels:

"Note about colorblindness--viewing us as "the human race" and "not seeing" a person's race can actually be dangerous/harmful and can perpetuate white supremacy/deeply hidden implicit biases we have; seeing people and understanding the oppression/challenges they're facing is the only way we can fight for freedom."

To summarize the HCPSS message: Racial labels and intersectional categories must be your focus at all times with all people with a presumption of victimhood. If not, you are perpetuating white supremacy and you are not fighing "for freedom."

HCPSS has students from many different ethnic and racial backgrounds including students with Korean, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Afghan, Ukrainian, Russian, Nigerian, Venezuelan and other backgrounds. Each student has individual strengths and talents and interests. It would be extremely condescending and inaccurate to predict that the dominant student on academic tests, spelling bees, science challenges, SAT and ACT scores is always a white student. HCPSS families do not support constant CRT racial labeling and stereotyping. They just want students to learn academics. HCPSS needs to teach and model Martin Luther King's dream of judging people by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin.



Submitted: Jul 30, 2022