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For the 2022-2023 school year, Centennial High School is planning a school-wide race-focused emphasis, using the "Race to be Human" program. There are few details available online about this program but there is a documentary by the same name, where the filmmaker Scilla Andreen asks 50 students "When did you realize you're not white?" An online interview of the producer talks about microagressions, intersectionality and other CRT related topics.

From Centennial High School Principal's email to all students sent August 2, 2022
"We want to affirm our commitment to continue our work on cultivating a community where uniqueness is embraced, differences are celebrated, and collaboration is cultivated. This year, we are going to engage in a year-long study on race, diversity, and inclusion. We will be using a program called ‘Race to be Human’. Students will work in small groups to view materials and have discussions about our vision for the Centennial Community and the larger social context. Parents will be invited to join a series of workshops to engage in the learning during the fall semester so we can be partners in this important work. Look for more information about parent screenings and discussion workshops to be sent out in mid-September. We want CHS to be a home away from home for our students, our staff, and our families. We invite you to engage, collaborate, and come along with us as we work to realize that vision and strengthen our school community."

Empowering all students and respecting each student's race and culture would be good goals. But from the small amount of information available and previous experience with HCPSS this looks like another CRT, intersectionality, white fragility indoctrination.

From the Race to be Human website:
"New iNDIEFLIX documentary. Race examines systemic racial inequality and unconscious bias, the effect on BIPOC mental health and how we can change."

Centennial High School Profile--only 39% of the students are white, 40% are Asian, and the rest are other races



Submitted: Aug 03, 2022