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The school board passed a resolution committing to "creating anti-racist classrooms, schools, and communities."

"An Antiracism Advisory Team of about 40 parents, teachers, and staff who are helping steer the conversation for MPCSD and will be working throughout the year to help identify where and how we can change our current actions, policies, and curriculum to make them more inclusive, elevate more voices, and create an environment that promotes antiracist attitudes and actions."

Parents also received a letter from the superintendent that included a chart showing a "journey to anti-racism" that begins with "The Fear Zone" ("I deny racism is a problem," "I avoid hard questions"), moves through "The Learning Zone" ("I understand my own privilege in ignoring racism," "I seek out questions that make me uncomfortable"), and culminates with "The Growth Zone" ("I promote and advocate for policies and leaders that are anti-racist," "I yield positions of power to those otherwise marginalized").

In the letter he once again states that district is working toward a goal of "becoming antiracist in its actions, policies, and curriculum" and affirms Ibram X Kendi's statement that "there are only two kinds of behavior: racist and antiracist."



Submitted: Mar 28, 2021