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District hired consultant who began the session by encouraging teachers to potentially shame one another publicly if they saw a colleague being racially insensitive. He used the example of Amy Cooper.

He said teachers need to consider whether students’ behavior is cultural, and if so to look for a way to validate and affirm the behavior... he gave the example of a student shouting out “this is boring” in the middle of a lesson. Rather than chastising the student, he suggested thanking the student for their honesty.

John Russo, a former Brookside Middle School teacher who restrained a Black student with a bear-hug maneuver the day after the Parkland shooting, is likely to be fired by the School Board following a judge’s ruling that his actions alone sparked a melee on Brookside’s campus.

“You would never allow your own children to act this way, but you agree that these inferior standards are acceptable for Black students in our schools,” Russo said to the all-white board, after listing the infractions committed by the student prior to Russo restraining him.

"That is racism,” he said.



Submitted: Mar 28, 2021