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The NAACP is demanding Loudoun County Public Schools eliminate standardized testing and grades as a criteria for admission into LCPS gifted programs. The group recently posted "Terms of Conciliation" for the school system. That's in favor of "admission on a random basis" to interested students via a "lottery," so long as the end result "is reflective of the demographics of the LCPS student population." A "final grade of C or above" should be sufficient to be considered "gifted," the NAACP argues.

A taxpayer-funded "NAACP Education Discrimination Fund" would provided students who were victim to incidents with "resources, referral and payment of legal services needed."

All LCPS students would be required to take "equity training" provided by the NAACP.

The issue arises as the school board recently set aside a resolution that would have punished teachers who criticize Critical Race Theory.



Submitted: Mar 28, 2021