User's comment:

"4th graders are asked to read assigned articles for Social Studies/Language Arts on a website called Newsela. Many of the articles assigned were taken from the Zinn Education Project (ZEP), whose purpose is to lead students to question their history textbooks. I personally don't have an issue with studying history from a critical lens. But upon a close reading of what was assigned, it was easy to see that the agenda behind these articles is to socialize and normalize very specific woke concepts with regards to race, the Black Panther Party, capitalism and socialism, ownership of property into children's thinking. Topics that should be up for debate or should require in-depth study of political economy are often oversimplified, presented as benign facts, or calls to action for students. In one instance, above my child's assignment, there is a poll on race issues that students were asked to take in the context of the election. I am concerned children at this age are not equipped to fully think through these issues for themselves and very impressionable when presented with the way their peers appear to have voted."



Submitted: Mar 28, 2021