Flagged Curriculum (political activism, false facts, critical race theory, etc)

District-wide CRT & Activist SEL Lessons

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has recently embarked on an antiracism initiative to ensure equal outcomes for all students. This includes labeling white students as privileged and oppressors, creating activities to help them explore their intersectionality and ways in which they are oppressed, and encouraging them to become social justice advocates through protests …

Progressive activist's name removed from school after activists get confused about which Barringer the building was named after

Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s school board voted to rename the Barringer Academic Center after advocates claimed it honored a white supremacist named Osmond Barringer. But a journalist at WSOC, a local TV station, did some digging and found the district had named the school for Rufus Barringer, a former Confederate general and his …

Voting Lesson--Social and Emotional Learning

"High School lesson on voting included a slide, "Why this election is important". The information was quite one-sided and just presented to the class without comment or balancing information. The videos/articles on the slide that the teacher played for/showed are attached."

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